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Business Leadership

Since 1974, Valin® has grown to serve the needs of a broad customer base within a wide range of industries: semiconductor/microelectronics, petroleum refining, power generation, chemical processing, measurement and analytical systems, industrial machinery, water and wastewater, scientific research, aerospace, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage.

Today, Valin® is a total solutions supplier, offering products, services, and engineering support. Our commitment is to understand and exceed the expectations of our valued customers, while delivering high quality product, services, and solutions to customers' most demanding requirements.




Joseph C. Nettemeyer - President & CEO

Before joining Valin® in 2001, President and CEO Joseph Nettemeyer held a number of managerial and executive positions at Emerson Electric, a $24 billion global manufacturer. Mr. Nettemeyer is a former Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Chromalox Division of Emerson Electric. He is a member of the Valin® Board of Directors.

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David Hefler - Vice President & CFO

Before joining Valin® in 2006, Vice President and CFO David Hefler held a number of managerial and executive positions at Crane Co. and Emerson. Prior to joining Valin®, Mr. Hefler was the Vice President and CFO for the Barksdale Division of Crane Co. Mr. Hefler previously held Vice President Positions in both finance and operations for several divisions of Emerson. He is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of the Valin® Board of Directors.


Patrick Bartell - Vice President of Sales, Oil and Gas

Patrick Bartell has been with Valin since June, 2014. Before joining Valin he was the president of Volco Company in Minneapolis, MN. Patrick possesses strong process solutions experience created from many years in the field as a Regional Technical Sales person, as well as running offices in 3 different territories across the US for Chromalox.


Nathan Ehresman  - Director of Business Development, Oil & Gas Measurement

Nathan Ehresman has been with Valin since 1991 and has been selling industrial solutions since 1999.  He has served in a variety of positions with Valin, including sales, operations, and business development.   He currently resides in Salt Lake City, UT.


Technical Support

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Customer Testimonial

“Valin Measurement Group drastically increases production measurement and reduces pressure drop through their LACT units.”

Eagle Ford Shale Asset Manager