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Truck Unloading LACT

In truck unloading applications an operator controls the unit similar to the truck loading application.  The operator will connect the truck to the LACT with all the proper hoses and safety devices and the pump is turned on.  A major difference between loading and unloading is that in an unloading application the hoses will not have fluid in them.  This means that when the hose are hooked up the air in the hoses will need to be released for proper measurement.  In these applications a small holding tank (manifold log) will need to be part of the system.  This holding tank allows for the air to be vented off and the just the process fluid to move through the systems.  The pump start and stop are run off switches inside this manifold.

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Customer Testimonial

“Valin Measurement Group drastically increases production measurement and reduces pressure drop through their LACT units.”

Eagle Ford Shale Asset Manager